AI and WhatsApp in recruiting

Recruiting processes are undergoing an unprecedented transformation, driven by technological advances and changes in communication styles. The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and WhatsApp represents a new and powerful tool for talent recruitment, offering greater personalization and efficiency while interacting with candidates.

The Era of WhatsApp in communication

Communication has evolved drastically over the last few decades. 20 years ago the telephone was the predominant channel to interact with candidates. In the last decade, email gained relevance and we can say that today we live in the era of internet messaging, lead by WhatsApp. This change is taking a lot of relevancy in the business world, where WhatsApp has become a key tool for companies when it comes to interacting with their customers and, increasingly, with job candidates.

Meta’s messaging app stands out for its impressive market penetration, with nearly 3 billion global users with a message open rate of 97%, much higher than email’s 15%. Additionally, 90% of messages are read within the first three minutes of receipt, highlighting the immediacy and effectiveness of this communication channel.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

On the other hand, following the disruption of ChatGPT in 2023, generative artificial intelligence has found fertile ground in hiring processes, optimizing manual tasks such as candidate screening and preliminary candidate evaluation. Today, virtual recruiters can use WhatsApp to automatically communicate with candidates, offering personalized interactions that are available 24/7.

These automations can not only streamline the candidate screening processes but also improve the candidate experience by providing immediate and personalized responses to their inquiries.

WhatsApp + AI: An upward trend in recruiting

The combination of new communication channels like WhatsApp with the power of conversational AI agents is revolutionizing the HR ecosystem. A new trend that will likely become part of our everyday life in the not-so-distant future. There are several advantages to take into consideration such as:

  • Personalization and Efficiency: AI allows sending personalized messages through WhatsApp, ensuring that candidates can interact efficiently with companies.
  • Immediate and Global Reach: WhatsApp enables companies to reach candidates in more than 100 countries, offering a universal platform for remote recruitment.
  • Effective Communication: With a nearly guaranteed message open rate, WhatsApp ensures that recruitment communications are effective whenever candidates prefer, as AI recruitment co-pilots are available 24/7.

Pioneering companies implementing this technology confirm a significant improvement in interactions with candidates. Based on the experience in Chattyhiring, we can confirm that AI virtual recruiter co-pilots achieves interaction rates higher than 70% for conducting pre-screening interviews with Whatsapp. A surprisingly high rates achievement that can free recruitment professionals from manual tasks.

Challenges for the Future

Every big technology shift requires some adjustments at micro and macro level. The use of tools like AI for workplace purposes is requiring legal regulations to ensure privacy protection in certain areas such as in the UE.

Embracing innovation is a challenge. Tools like conversational AI or WhatsApp are here to stay and companies will need to get used to them or be out of the market shortly.

The world is becoming more connected everyday. Remote and hybrid teams are growing everywhere. So the ability to communicate effectively with candidates through their preferred channels using the power of AI is not just a competitive advantage but a strategic choice for companies looking to lead in the digital age.



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