Winners at HR Innovation Summit 2023 startup contest

What is HR Innovation Summit?

The HR Innovation Summit, held in Madrid on September 28th 2023 celebrated its sixth edition.

With over 1000 attendees, the event featured three stages hosting panel discussions. Participated over 80 HR expert speakers, with debates, recognitions, and ample networking opportunities. The summit focused on current trends in the Human Resources sector, emphasizing innovation and the employee experience.

HR Innovaction summit 2024

What is the Startup Challenge in the Innovation Summit?

A highlight of the summit was the HR Startup Competition, now in its second year. This competition, divided into three categories – Innovation, Employee Journey, and Trends – attracted more than 120 startups, with 15 finalists competing fiercely.

The Startup Challenge at the HR Innovation Summit not only provided a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas but also facilitated meaningful discussions and collaborations. Entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and expertise came together to present solutions that could potentially transform the HR landscape globally.

The event underscored a strong commitment to supporting the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Winners of the Startup Challenge

ChattyHiring, the innovative platform revolutionizing HR processes with AI-driven interviewers, emerged as the champions in the Trends and Future category. Their victory showcased their visionary approach, innovation, and ability to turn ideas into impactful realities.

HR Innovaction summit winner startup trends and future

This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team at ChattyHiring. We believe in redefining how companies approach HR talent acquisition processes, making them more efficient, personalized, and human-centric. This win motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the HR sector.

The winners in the other two categories were:

  • In the innovation category: kaatch

An innovative startup focused on connecting companies with tech candidates through curated communities, and financial services. Its founder, Emmanuel Djengue, collected the award.

  • In the employee travel category: Mentiness.

A B2B SaaS that helps organization with mental health support. Rebeca Calvo, Co-founder, collected the award.

Key highlights during the event

There have been many significant elements in this event sponsored by EY, AON, Adecco, and Microsoft, among others.

Linked to Artificial Intelligence, technology, and the importance of implementation in organizations was present throughout this scenario through presentations by high-level speakers such as María Llosent de Nárdiz (strategic HR consultant), María Carracedo (Cepsa), Dino Senstenstein (EY), and Angelina Gentili (Personio).

The standout moments on the stage were the Top Voice Speeches by renowned speakers such as the Maasai leader William Kikanae, who spoke about how true innovation lies in people’s ability to face challenges, learn from them, and relentlessly pursue their dreams.

Former politician and lawyer Albert Rivera discussed leadership challenges and the commitment to addressing sensitive topics like Artificial Intelligence in politics.

Jesús Vidal, a Goya Award-winning actor from the movie “Campeones,” playwright, and lecturer, delivered a presentation on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce within organizations.

CEO of the Year Awards

The HR Innovation Summit event also hosted a gala to honor the best CEOs of the year in the field of People Management.

Professionals who embrace the philosophy of holistic leadership understand that the quality of relationships and the well-being of teams determine the success of an organization.

That’s why, once again, RRHHDigital awarded three top executives who are transforming their organizations through empathetic leadership, placing people at the heart of their business strategy and trusting them to achieve their goals.

  • Alejandro Blanco, President of COE, CEO of the Year in Employee Journey.
  • Ignacio Juliá Vilar, CEO of ING Spain and Portugal, CEO of the Year in Trends and Future.
  • Sara Harmon, CEO of Sngular, CEO of the Year in Innovation.

Future for the Start-up winners Challenge

With their participation guaranteed in the HR Innovation Summit 2024, all winners have a unique opportunity to showcase their advancements and collaborate with HR industry leaders, further enhancing their innovative solutions to improve talent acquisitionmanagement.

Congratulations to all the winning startups! Their success not only earns them recognition but also grants them a unique platform to further their innovations in the HR landscape. Kudos to their dedication and inventive spirit, making them the true champions of the HR Innovation Summit 2023 Startup Contest in Madrid!



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