How to screen candidates with AI

This video shows how easy and simple is to screen candidates with AI in a professional way.

Use all power from Virtual Assistants to help you with the tedious and manual work while you focus on top candidates.


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Maximize your resources with AI recuriter assistants

Converse with all candidates

Gone are the days of missing out on valuable conversations with potential hires. Our AI Recruiter ensures that every candidate receives personalized, timely interviews to collect all feedback. 

Reduce 95% screening time

With an AI Recruiter, you can move from job posting to job offer in just days. Automation and intelligent screening processes ensure that you’re identifying the best-fit candidates faster than ever.

Easy and simple set up

Our user-friendly platform is designed for quick and hassle-free installation. In less than 5 minutes you can set up your interview. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy or expert in AI to use ChattyHiring. 

Start screening candidates at maximum speed