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Date: June 14 2023

Releasing new and improved PMF template

The crux of Chattysurvey’s power lies in the chat. Traditional Product Market Fit (PMF) surveys, based on concepts over two decades old, may not be adept at capturing the subtleties of respondent sentiment anymore. Ratings and static questions have their place, but they come with limitations – they don’t provide the breadth and depth of insights we now have access to through more engaging and interactive techniques.

Therefore, we have taken on the challenge to reimagine and reinvent the standard survey with Chattysurvey.

In the revamped model of Chattysurvey, we shift from the impersonal, one-size-fits-all set of questions and ratings, to a more organic, interactive, and respondent-friendly chat interface. Instead of respondents passively answering pre-set questions, they can now actively engage in a conversation, shaping the flow of the survey as per their unique perspectives.

This innovative approach caters to the modern respondent, who values personalization and interaction. A chatty, conversational survey allows respondents to express their thoughts more freely and completely, thereby providing richer, more nuanced data.

From a business perspective, these chat-based surveys provide invaluable qualitative data that cannot be gleaned from traditional quantitative methods. Businesses can gain deeper insights into their customers’ minds, their pain points, their motivations, and their desires. This wealth of data can aid in developing a more tailored product-market fit strategy, fostering better customer relationships, and ultimately driving growth and success.

Date: June 11 2023

Landing page redesign!

We have completely redesigned the landing page to better reflect what we do. 
Please leave us some feedback here: https://chattysurvey.com/en/journeys/chatty-survey-landing-page

Date: May 11 2023

NPS template added

NPS is a template configured to learn about respondents’ experiences, understand their opinions and help you determine what improvements could be made to your product.

It’s great for anyone wanting to get product or service feedback. 

Date: May 3, 2023

Languages! Spanish, Catalan, Croatian

We have implemented our first few languages. 
Spanish because we are based in Spain
Catalan because we are in Barcelona
Croatian because one of the Co-founders is from Croatia and we love to show our support! 

The language selector can be found at the footer of the page! Let me know if something doesn’t make sense! 

Thank you

Date: Apr 27, 2023

We are pivoting! New focus on customer and product experience

Over the last few days, we have done some user experience testing. It was great to see other people use our product! But somehow every single user interpreted the survey creation differently. We listened and completely redesigned how surveys are created. 

This is perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way to create a survey that we could have conceived. 

At first glance, it’s super simple. Just 1 text box.

But in the background, we have carefully designed surveys, with a long set of instructions aimed at extracting very particular information about a specific use case. 

Today we start with 3 Use cases:

– Post-event 5-star survey – to get insights from event attendees

– Product market fit survey – to get feedback on product

– Customer satisfaction survey – to find out how satisfied your customers are.

More to come soon…  Please let us know about uses cases you would like to see

Date: Apr 12, 2023

Beta results page is out!

Have you seen the “Generate insights” button on our results page? It’s like a magical button that instantly summons up all kinds of useful insights and information for you! All you have to do is click that button, and voila! We’ll go through all the results and come back to you with some amazing insights that will blow your mind! Just sit back, relax and wait for our email to pop up in your inbox once we’re done. It only takes a minute

Date: Apr 4, 2023

Beta Testing is OPEN!

Now you can register with your account, create a survey, get responses and see the results! 
Much more to be will be coming soon! 

Date: Apr 4, 2023

We have renamed from Suruwey to ChattySurvey!

Suruwey wasn’t the most memorable name nor very descriptive. It was a funny way of saying survey doh. Now we are growing into a ChattySurvey which we think describes what we are all about much better! ChattySurvey!