The first Job Board that employs AI to interview candidates

Just in Spain, more than 50 million hours are spent yearly by recruiters evaluating CV and screening candidates.

Companies must invest countless hours in screening profiles before being interviewed by HR managers. But time’s value is priceless. Indeed, the average time dedicated to hiring a new employee exceeds 30 days, and just the screening time usually delays processes between 7 and 10 days.

This is a tedious and repetitive task in which recruiting professionals spend hundreds of hours looking at resumes and making repetitive 10 min calls to evaluate candidate fit. In this context, ticjob, the IT job board leader in Spain, has launched a service to conduct virtual interviews through an AI recruitment agent.

Thanks to the integration with ChattyHiring, recruiters and talent acquisition managers can save large amount of hours in screening and focus just on the most promising candidates. People can be interviewed right after applying for the position, without needing to wait weeks or even months to be contacted. Thanks to the new role of artificial intelligence interviewers, hundreds of qualification interviews can be conducted within 24 hours, drastically accelerating the hiring processes.

“There is a clear impact on productivity for companies, which affects both the candidate experience and employer branding,” says Carlos Guerrero, co-founder of ChattyHiring. “AI interviewers help to speed up the whole hiring processes by more than 30% and, at the same time, make the processes more efficient and unbiased since AI does not discriminate candidates.”

How does AI interviews work?

Thanks to the latest improvements, Chattyhiring AI system designs the interviews in a personalized manner, attending to the search criteria and profiles requested by each company. After defining the key attributes to be evaluated, AI agents contact and interview candidates through a simple conversation via WhatsApp.

Now, recruiters, in addition to having a CV, also have access to a detailed report after the conversations conducted by the. They are becoming supervisors of a process in which the recruiters have total control of the AI.

Rubén Fuentes, CEO of ticjob, highlights the importance of this innovation: “This is a great step for our clients, who can now receive CV together with an interview, allowing talent acquisition managers to directly focus on the most relevant candidates and not waste time trying to filter them one by one.”

With this innovation, AI continues to revolutionize many industries, such as staffing and recruiting. This collaboration between ticjob and chattyhiring sets up a milestone in the industry, establishing new standards of efficacy and convenience that benefit both companies and job seekers.



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