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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, you can. After performing the demo interview, we will send you the assessment results based on the answers from the conversation. In case you want to get a specific job description test, contact us and we will send you one customized interview test for free. 

Currently, ChattyHiring supports English, Spanish, and Dutch. If you have a need for additional languages, please don’t hesitate to inform us, and we will work diligently to make them available as part of our offering in the near future.

Absolutely! ChattyHiring allows you to customize the branding and design of the AI interviews to align with your company’s image and values. You will have the flexibility and control to adjust the AI Virtual assistants experience, providing candidates with a personalized interview experience that matches your specific requirements.

Following each candidate interview, ChattyHiring provides comprehensive reports to support your recruitment screening process. These reports include valuable insights based on the job description requirements, helping you identify whether a candidate is a strong fit for your organization.

Normally it takes between 48h and 72h before the candidates perform the interview with our AI Virtual Assistant.

Yes. In case you get less than 50% candidate responses, we will return back the payment.

ChattyHiring revolutionizes the way candidates and companies interact during the hiring process. We move beyond mundane lists of questions and create engaging, purposeful conversations. Our platform enables candidates to express themselves more authentically, while also assisting companies in identifying top talent efficiently.

By leveraging ChattyHiring, you can enhance the candidate experience by making them feel heard and valued. Additionally, our platform empowers you to make informed hiring decisions and gain a deeper understanding of your candidates without the need for time-consuming manual processes and CV reviews.

Yes, ChattyHiring is fully GDPR compliant. Your data is securely stored in EU data centers and remains accessible to you at all times. If you request the deletion of your data, we will ensure it is removed within 30 days. Furthermore, our use of Microsoft AI Azure services in candidate interactions is designed to ensure GDPR compliance, and our AI conversations are structured to never solicit sensitive information. Your data privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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